Window Cleaning Robot Probot W188
$ 320

Probot W188: Smart and efficient window cleaning

A long lasting brushless motor generates a high suction power of 5,600 PA. That’s how the window cleaning robot Probot W188 of only 1.5 kilos is able to cling easily to vertical surfaces. For the cleaning, a microfiber cloth has to be put on the bottom side of the device.

Dry and wet cleaning

The microfiber pads are washable and therefore reusable. With W188 you can clean surfacesdry as well as wet. For an optimum cleaning result there are two different kinds of microfiber pads:

  • The yellow one is suitable for dry cleaning
  • The blue one has to be mounted for wet cleaning

Efficiency due to artificial intelligence

Probot W188 is able to clean one square metre in about two minutes. While cleaning it moves either in Z- mode or N-mode. Due to artificial intelligence (AI technology) it calculates the ideal cleaning route and switches between the navigation modes automatically. Thanks to its height of only 8.5 cm the window cleaner can also reach areas which are difficult to access. After it has finished, iGLASSBOT returns to the starting position.

Usage on different surfaces

The Mamibot window cleaning robot can be used on various surfaces like glass, tiles and even wood. Several sensors protect the robot from falling from frameless windows or table tops. Probot W188 even cleans uneven surfaces reliably due to a floating cleaning pad.

A safe device

Probot W188 has an integrated uninterrupted power supply to run the device for 20 minutes in case of power failure. In case of falling down the robot is also fixed with a safety rope. Therefore, the Probot W188can be used for outdoor cleaning and high-rise windows.

Easy operation via button, app and remote control

There are three ways to operate the window cleaning robot:

  • Button operation
  • Operation via remote control within 15 metres
  • Operation via Mamibot App for iOS and Android


Probot W188 window cleaning robot is the right one for you if:

  • there areframeless glass surfacesin your household
  • you are looking for a robot which is able to cleandifferent surfaces(e.g. windows, mirrors, tiles)
  • you have to cleanareas which are difficult to access or high-rise window

This model not seems to be the right option for you if:

  • there are overhanging windows in your household. These cannot be cleaned by W188.


Window Cleaning Robot Probot W188
Model description:Probot W188
Thickness of window:unlimited
Usable with:vertical window with and without frame
Dimensions (approx.):25,0 x 25,0 x 8,5 cm
Weight (approx.):1,45 kg
Remote control:Included
Cleaning settings:N-Mode, Z-Mode
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):1 h
Guarantee on the product:5 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:14,8 V / 650 mAh
Volume (approx.):65 dB