Probot Nelson A9 Max
$ 700
Clean & schedule by room
Learns maps & adapts
Cleans up after itself
Ideal for Homes with Pets
Nelson A9 Max can be control by Probot Home App, Alex and Google Assistant.
Keeps getting smarter
500ml Large Sized Dust Bin, and 1500ml Dust Collector
Smart Mopping Cleaning
Long Battery Life
Automatically Recharge


Probot Nelson A9 Max

Model: Nelson A9 MAX 
Dust Box Capacity: 500ML 
Water Tank Capacity: 150ML 
Dust Collector: 1500ML 
Battery Capacity: 5200mah 
Highest suction power: 2700Pa 
Sensor: 20 types of sensor 
Navigation: LDS Laser
Head anti-card Intelligent: Sweep and Mop, Path planning, Area cleaning, Save APP map 
Map 4.0 Set no-go area 
Continuation at interrupted point 
Brush: Double side brush
Floating: central brush Running
Noise: 55dB Adjustable 
Climb Capability: 20mm Power (W): 35W